Wisamic Borosilicate Glass Plate Bed 120mmx3mm Round for Monoprice Mini Delta 3D Printer, etc

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If you want to make your printing platform flat enough, ideal stuff is glass sheet. Tempered Silicon glass is rated for higher temperatures than normal sheet glass making it a better material for use as a heated bed. After cracking a few sheets of normal glass from rapidly cooling or heating, tempered glass will quell your frustrations.

* Borosilicate is a very high temperature glass. It has a melt temperature of about 800° C and a very low thermal expansion coefficient.
* Resistant to thermal shock compared to regular glass.
* Prepare a second plate and quickly switchplates when a model finishes printing. This significantly reduces printer idle time between prints.
* Reduces warping, however platform has to be properly leveled as is the case with any platform on a 3D printer.

Material: 100% Borosilicate
Style: Round
Size: 120mm
Thickness: 3mm

Package content:
1 x 120x3mm Borosilicate GlassPrecisely cut and tempered with high transparence. Resistance to scratch and thermal shock.
Conducts heat evenly across the build surface to ensure consistent temperature throughout the build surface.
High binding power when heating. Easy to separate the plastic parts when cooling.
Get you out of the trouble when plastic film decreased viscosity after a period of usage.
Specially designed to fit the Monoprice Mini Delta 3D Printers, etc