Warm Enclosure Heating Box for Ender 3 Ender 3 pro 3D Printer to Print ABS Filament for DIY 3D printeer use with PET ultrabase Build Plate

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ABS is stronger than PLA, so good to print Structure parts, but due to the high flexibility of ABS, when use ender 3 or ender 3 pro 3d printer to print ABS, printing result always fail due to bottom warping or cracking between layers. The enclosure solution is to solve this problem.
1: PET plate can adhere ABS on the bed very well, the enclosure can avoid crack between layers efficiently
2: Separate the power supply, the mainboard and the control LCD from the enclosure so can protect those electronic components from burning or broken due to high temperature.
3: Using anti-fire canvas fiber, aluminum foil and Fiberglass fiber tube shelf, light and warm
4: The warming enclosure designed with 2 observation windows, let the user watch printing status friendly
5: Front and back can be zip open and closure, the upside can open too, very easy to use.
6: The enclosure is very easy to assemble or disassemble (the control box need some experience to assemble and disassemble the motherboard )
7: Limit the microparticulate lay off to air during printing, reduce the plastic smell during printing, improve room air quality, good for health .
8: Anti-dust, if the printer doesn’t be used very often, this enclosure can use as an anti-dust enclosure
Warming enclosure *1 set
Acrylic control box set*1
Z endstop wire*1 ,Y enderstop wire*1
PET-Polypropylene build plate*1, PET stick plate *2
Please check the reference picture in this link when assemble Help to print ABS adhere on bed better ,help no wrap and no crack between layers
Fresh air, keep Plastic dust and smell in the enclosure during printing
Easy to use