Wanhao Wanhao Duplicator D5 3D Printer 2014 Model

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Mechanical property overall dimensions: 460 x 400 x 860 mm shipping weight: 40kg (88 lbs) linear ball bearings precision ground core xy. Snap-on, snap-off filament assemblies full extreme rock xv steel structure electronics property duplicator 5 single-piece motherboard 4 axis, 1/16 micro-stepping motor control 4×20 lcd character display and turning and press control pad piezoelectric buzzer universal power supply: 115-250v, 50/60hz, 4.0a (input), and takes standard iec cable software: wanhaomaker compatibility: linux, osx, and windows print from sd card or over usb input file type: stl, gcode overview features specifications build envelope 305 x 205 x 605 mm | build volume about 37.8 liters layer thickness choose 0.02-0.4 mm which is adjustable by software stock nozzle diameter stock 0.4 mm speed 20-300 mm/s flow rate approximately 200 cc/hr extruder temperature recommended maximum 200-230 c positioning precision 2.5 micron on z axis 11micron on xy axis materials works with abs, pla and other materials filament diameter: 3.0 mmThe duplicator 5 is designed for printing large size objects