Wanhao Wanhao 3D Printer D5S Large Build Commercial Quality

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Wanhao duplicator d5s specifications its got a huge build volume of 290*190*590 mm. Comes with 1 innovative anti-jam queen single extruder print resolution of 0.02mm (20 microns) capable of printing only pla and other plastic based material which do not require a heated bed. (eg. Flex) duplicator 5 is designed with arduino microcontroller with a custom motor shield, a circular dial touch controller/lcd combo, and stepper motors has the capability to run printer at high speeds in excess of 300mm/s. The printer uses a 3.00 mm filament. Built using rock xv steel exoframe which gives it a strong and solid feel and also helps keeping the price of the printer low. So if you are a professional model builders, architects, designers, or use 3d printers for designing large structures wanhao duplicator d5s is the perfect printer for you. For me it strikes a perfect balance between speed, accuracy and build volume. The low cost of the printer is just the added impetus needed for one to chose this printer over other’sduplicator 5s specification general property interface sd or usb2.0 max printing object size 305*2050*605mm extruder anti-jam queen x,y axis positioning resolution 0.01mm layer thickness minimal 0.02mm x,y axis max speed 5000mm/minute z axis positioning resolution 0.005mm z axis max speed 1000mm/minute software wanhao maker printing material pla 3.0mm input power 110v-220v frame extreme xv rock steel structure input format stl, output format *.i noise 48 decibel during printing dimension product dimension 400*460*860mm packing dimension 510*570*970mm weight 35kg material support pla material size 3.0mm filaments material size requirement 3.0+-0.1mm temperature sensor thermocouple temperature sensors290x190x590 build volume