UV Curing Cabinet UV Curing Box for 3D Printing After Treat of LCD SLA DLP 405nm UV Resin 3D Printer Curing 3D Printed Models Printed from anycubic epax formlabs form1 phton

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Max curing size: 177( W)mm*115(L)mm/*197(H)mm
Cabinet Size: 305*200*200mm
Weight :5.3kg
Material :Iron
UV light wavelength :405nm
Light affect :50W
Working time: 1-3 minutes adjustable
Light source : single LCD with high effective Fan
Curing Way: Turntable rotation, uniform curing, 6s/round
Light source life time: 10K hours
1: When the curing cabinet underworking, please close the door to avoid ultraviolet light damage to the eyes.
2: When taking or put the model to the cabinet, please turn off the power, for ultraviolet light direct on the hand may cause hurt.
3: Due to continuous long-term use will cause the light source depleted, suggested maximum single-use time should not exceed 8 hours. After long-term use, let the light source rest for at least 10 minutes.
Import reminder, the rotating tray of this curing cabinet as picture shown is made by 3D printer, it’s not used, just FDM 3D printer works outlook, if you mind, please don’t order, also ,we have some reflective sheet cover for the rotating tray , if you like the machine, and don’t like the outlook of rorating tray, can send message to our store to get it free
Unique light source design, 140° wide-angle illumination range, basically no dead angle, under the same power, the light intensity is greater, the penetration is better, so with better curing effect
Made of all-metal sheet metal, which is not easily deformed by ultraviolet light.
Easy to use, like use a microwave oven, put the items to be cured on the turnable, set up time and go, when time is up, the machine will automatically power off
The turntable can be taken out for easy access to the model