Unassembled DIY Reprap Kossel Mini Delta 3D Printer Support Auto leveling larger Print Size Rostock 3D Printer + With Heated and Bigger Power and Filament

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Unassembled DIY Kossel Mini Delta 3D Printer Support Auto leveling

—–This is 2016 Popular Newest 3D Printer
—–Items are Upgrade to All Injection Parts now which is more strong and more stable!
—-With better Price, it worth you to order it!
There is no need to use a heated bed to print PLA. However, if you want to print ABS, then you might have to add Heated bed.

—This Kit is with Heated bed and power supply and also add with 1 KG Filament ( usually is PLA, sometime is ABS in stock)

2016 Pulley 3D Printer,high quality and cheapest price!
Newest Design Extruder And Hotend
Full Injection Model d Parts, High-performance Oxide Black
World’s High Stable Kossel Rostock 3D Printer
Dual Duct Effect, High Strength Wire Feeder

Dimensions: 30cm * 30cm * 68cm
Print size: base: 180mm height: 300mm
Printing layer thickness: 0.05-0.4mm
Printing speed: 20-100mm / s
Print accuracy: 0.005mm
Material type: 1.75mm (PLA, ABS, nylon)
–For ABS, need to add Heated and change to Bigger Power supply!
Temperature: 200 degreesv Control Interface: USD / SD card
LCD screen: 20 * 4 character
Dashboard: mega 2560
Input Power: AC 100-240V
Output: DC12V / 60W
Colour of the printer: black
Weight: 8 kg


Free Offer Below Items:

1/ Some filament For Test (color in stock)
2/ 1PC 8GB Micro SD Card
3/ 1PC SD Card Adapter
4/ 1PC Nozzle
5/ Some Masking Tape For Printer

The DIY kit includes all the parts to assembly. There is a step by step video show how to assemble it. Include in SD card and Youtube ( Video with English Subtitle ) The Printer is of high quality which can perform much more smooth than the other 3D printers.Auto Leveling High Quality Kossel Delta 3D Printer Kit