Tungsten 3D Printer M6 Extruder Nozzle, 0.6mm Diameter

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Save money and reduce printer maintenance! High quality tungsten alloy is resistant to wear and reduces nozzle diameter erosion over time. Since the tungsten alloy 3D printer nozzle maintains its shape and dimension, your print parameters can remain constant even when printing with abrasive materials. If you work with abrasive materials such as those found in glow-in-the-dark or metal-filled filaments, tungsten is a must-have upgrade! The same high performance metal used in rocket ships and race cars can now improve your 3D printing. The extruder nozzle ships safely in packs of one each.LONG LASTING and durable tungsten alloy 3D printer nozzle stands up to the most abrasive filler materials
SIZE: M6 extruder nozzle has a 0.6mm orifice diameter and is compatible with a wide variety of printer setups
QUALITY designed tungsten alloy material significantly reduces wear over time
SAFE and easy to use: tungsten alloy is completely non-toxic. Simply swap out your current nozzle and start printing
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