Troubleshooting COMMON 3D PRINTING Errors: A No-Fluff Guide to Diagnosing and Fixing Common 3D Printing Problems for All FDM Desktop 3D Printers

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With 3D printing becoming popular among hobbyists, educational intuitions, and professionals, it is crucial to address issues arising with the use of these machines. From his years of experience with FDM printers as well as feedback he gets from readers on his blog, Martins outlined common and not so common 3D printing errors faced by users and proffered solutions to these errors in the most practical way.

This book is written to help both beginners to 3D printing, and professionals identify printing errors and how to troubleshoot these errors in a step by step approach.

Information you will get from this book include;

Printing Parts of FDM Printer

Identifying the right Nozzle
Materials for quality 3D prints
Guide to Swap Nozzles

Understanding printing Material Science

Recommended 3D printers for Home Use in 2020

The 3D Printing Process

Understand Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Software

Understand Slicing Software

The 3D Printer parts and their functions

3D Printer Maintenance Tools you should have

Mandatory Maintenance steps

Safety Considerations in 3D printing

Understand Thermal Runaway Protection

Fixing Bed Adhesion

Fixing Build Plate Heat Troubles

Troubleshooting Bed Adhesion Problems

Troubleshooting Prints Not Sticking to the Bed

Troubleshooting Build Plate Not Heating

Fixing Hot End Issues

Diagnosing and fixing Hotend Not Maintaining Temperature

PID Autotune and the ideal time to carry it out

Fixing Under extrusion Troubles

Fixing Extruder Stepper Skipping issues

Fixing Ghosting

Troubleshooting Elephant Foot

Fixing Pillowing errors and why they occur

Troubleshooting problems with Blind LCD
Troubleshooting Missing Layers

Fixing Layer Shift

Warping and to eliminate them

Fixing Gaps in Wall

Fixing problems with Built-up Nozzle

Fixing Filament Issues

And lots more

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