ToBeter ® 3D Printing Pink Pen with LCD Screen Ver.2015 Purple for 3D Drawing and Doodling with 3 Loops of ABS Filament Material+ Power Adapter + Manual + Power Adapter / Amazing Gift for Kids

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3D pen is a great tool for anyone interested in 3D creation – from the newbie to expert, The only limitation of 3D drawing is your imagination!

1. The power adapter plug into an AC power outlet, then plug in the DC “Power jack” hole, yellow LED indicator lights, a pen and start standby.
2. Press the “Forward” button, the red LED light pen is warming up.
3. The consumption of materials into the “plastic insert port ” which is at the end of the pen, the other hand holding at the time of pressing the “forward” button, the material will be loaded from the built motor. Wait a plastic liquid from the nozzle tip out, feeding is successful.
4. Drawing. (Speed controller can be adjusted according to the amount of the moving speed of the spray, without the use of hands)
5. In order to secure your drawing Do not touch the nozzle and heating element.
6. If you stop using within 5 minutes, the device will switch to standby mode. “Work Lights” turns off, when used again, you need to press the “forward” button to restart.
7. When the need to uninstall or change the material, repeat steps 2 and continue to press the “reverse” button

1. The device is suitable for children over 7 years and adults, children should be used under adult supervision.
2. Drawing pen and nearby areas are dangerously hot zone, do not touch the tip with your hand or touch someone else’s nib objects
3. Do not block the line of foreign matter contained in the hole
4. Do not use other companies’ unofficial power adapter
5. Do not use unofficial supplies purchased from other companies.
6. The device belongs to sophisticated electronic equipment, can not be flooded.
7. After use, to prevent falls or child touch and keep in a safe place.PERFECT AFTER-SALE PROTECTION : Please ensure the packaging is properly intact before signing. If there is any damage of the commodity,please contact with us for a replacement, This 3D pen has 18 months warranty. For help, please contact us.