The 3D Printed Gun: Gyges 3D Presents

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An Amazon bestseller in multiple categories, The 3D Printed Gun is newly revised for 2015.

Recent years have seen a rapid development and increasing availability of 3D printing technology. The use of this technology to produce gun components has sparked a controversy further fueled by several tragic incidents; most notably, the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The pioneers of 3D printed guns, Solid Concepts and Defense Distributed, which successfully produced and fired guns, faced immense pressure from various quarters. Lawmakers have been debating the matter in an attempt to develop a law that would supposedly keep a check on the development of 3D printed guns.

However, the dispute between pro and anti-gun activists continues as the government decides what measures should be taken to prevent people from printing their own guns in the luxury of their own homes. 3D printed guns have been banned in many European countries, while Philadelphia has become the first US city to ban 3D printed guns. Some argue such restrictions on guns clearly violate the rights of US citizens which were granted to them in the 2nd Amendment.

At current stages, the capabilities of 3D printers to develop fully functional guns are limited, but considering the ongoing advancements, there is no doubt that creating guns in the future would be as simple as downloading blueprints and printing those using 3D printers.

The 3D Printed Gun objectively discusses the manufacture, domestic and international public reaction, the great debate and the future of 3D printed guns.

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