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Tecboss RP500A 3D Pen is the 3d Pen to draw your dreams on your way!

Why choose Tecboss 3D Pen to do your art work?
1.The reasonable price with the enough function- Save Your Money
2.Environmental filament material-Compatible with 1.75mm PLA filament
3.Auto Sleep: After stop working for 3 minutes, it will enter into auto sleep mode and save power.
4. Adjustable Speed button: Making artwork at your own pace.

How To Use Tecboss RP500A 3D Pen?
1.Connect power and press [Filament Load Button] to heat up
2.While the red indicator light turn green, Please Press [Filament Load Button] to load filament. 3.Press the [Speed Control Button] to adjust the speed and choose the appropriate speed to use.
4.After you finished your creative art work, please press[Unload Filament Button] to release the filament and cut off power.

Model No. : RP500A
Power Output: DC 5V 2A
Filament: 1.75mm PLA
Product Size: 15cm *4cm*2.3cm
Product Weight: 50g

Package Included:
1X 3D Pen
1X Pen Holder
1X Power Adapter
1X Charging Cable
1X User Manual
1X Filament for Test
1X Drawing Template

1)This 3D pen only supports PLA filament
2)Children please use under adults supervision
3)The 3D Pen ceramic nozzle is very hot while in working. Do not touch to avoid hurt
4)Use high quality filament for better experience and preventing filament jam
5)While unloading the filament, the pen will eject the remaining filament through ceramic nozzle; clean the pen and the nozzle after cooling

【Interesting Gifts for Kids】Tecboss 3D printer pen is a perfect educational toy that improves spatial thinking, cultivates creation and artistic skills. Get rid of traditional 2D paper painting, create a fun 3D work.