Sporty – Big Guns #20002 Full Wrap High Quality 3D Printed Case, Snap-On Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 by Sporty Slang

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This 3D Printed Galaxy Note 2 is made of hard plastic polycarbonate material. The design is printed using high quality 3D printing technology on the all around of the case. In this technique the image will be transferred to the case surface using heat and high pressure, resulting in long lasting vibrant colours which will not scratch or fade over time.The case itself is made of a thin layer of hard plastic which is durable and light-weight. It easily snaps on your Galaxy Note 2 and allows you easy access to all ports and buttons, while protecting your Galaxy Note 2 from bumps, scratches and minor drops.The design featured on this case is titled Sporty – Big Guns #20002 and is designed by Sporty Slang. It is part of our huge collection of exclusive artworks licensed from talented designers around the world. If you’re looking for a unique case for your Galaxy Note 2 to show off your personal style then this Sporty – Big Guns #20002 design from Sporty Slang is your perfect choice.This 3D Printed Galaxy Note 2 is a perfect match for your phone.Our high quality cases are made to order in our home studio and they are sent from Cornwall, UK.