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The latest evolution of LulzBot’s TAZ desktop 3D printer has arrived! Building off of past positive TAZ reviews in MAKE Magazine, Gizmag, Tom’s Guide, and elsewhere, the latest version of TAZ includes new features that make the printer more robust and capable than ever before, specifically designed to improve print quality and consistency. The printer’s modular carriage design allows you to plug-and-play a wide range of 3D print heads for traditional filaments including PLA, ABS, and HIPS, as well as exotic filaments like nylon, wood-, stone-, and rubber-like filaments such as NinjaFlex, to name a few. LulzBot Libre/Open Source 3D printers are manufactured in Loveland, Colorado, USA by Aleph Objects, Inc. and are a part of the global community of RepRap 3D printer manufacturers.Modular carriage design allows plug-and-play with different print heads for growing selection of 3D printing filament materials