[Sintron] 3D Printer Steel Diagonal Push Rod Arm + Rod End Bearing for RepRap Rostock Delta Kossel Mini

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This kit is use for Kossel Legacy or Non-Standard Mini Rod Kit Parts.

This is the newest version for delta 3D Printer rods arm, using stainless steel diagonal push rods with bearings is more durable than using carbon tube.

The rods is threaded rods, plus bearing length, the effective length length is around 220mm, the most suitable length for 3D printer Kossel mini. (too long, it would be not accurate, and too short, the print area would be too small)

M4 Female Threaded Rod End Joint Bearing

Joint rod end bearing is a kind of special structure of sliding bearing.


(1)Product Name : Rod End Bearing

(2)Type : Sl4P

(3)Connector Type : Female

(4)Female Thread Diameter : 4mm

(5)Thread Length : 15mm

(6)Ball Hole Diameter :5mm

(7)Total Size : 31 x 14 x 9.5mm(L*W*T)

(8)Material : Carbon Steel

(9)Color : Silver

(10)Net Weight : about 10g

M4 Double End Threaded Stud Screw Bolt

304 Stainless Steel material.

Designed with double end, fixing component, industrial and construction fasteners.

Widely used in machine manufacturing, auto ship, building, chemical, household appliances and other fields.


(1)Product Name : Double End Bolt

(2)Material : 304 Stainless Steel

(3)Color : Silver Tone

(4)Screw Standard : M4 x 200mm

(5)Thread Diameter : 4mm

(6)Thread Pitch : 1mm

(7)Thread Length(Each Side) : 16mm

(8)Overall Length : 200mm

(9)Net Weight : about 17g

Package List

(1)M4 Female Threaded Rod End Joint Bearing x 12

(2)M4 * 200mm Double End Bolt x 6

(3)M3 * 20mm screw x 12

(4)M3 nut x 12(1) It has characteristics of large load capability,easy mounting and dismounting and mechanism simplification.