[Sintron] 3D Printer Kossel Mini Prime Line Roller Carriage Wheel + 696ZZ Bearing, Replace Linear Rail MGN12 for RepRap Rostock Delta Kossel Mini

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Building a Kossel Mini? If you can’t find the suitable way for vertical movement, and want to save over $50, this part gives you another option.

This roller carriage wheel kit is suitable for Kossel or delta style printers which it use 20mm x 20mm Openbeam Aluminum Extrusion. due to the Linear Rail MGN12 are too expensive ($150), or not long enough (only 400mm limits Kossel size to slightly over 600mm), so use this kit you will get more than 20mm extra build volume and gain a few extra cm on print height.


(1) Roller Wheel Size : ID=6mm, OD=22.5mm, width=7mm

(2) Roller Wheel Material : POM

(3) Profile Type : Round Type

(4) Bearing Model : 696ZZ (ID=6mm, D1=15mm, W1=5mm)

(5) Bearing Material : Carbon Steel

(6) Seal Type : ZZ

(7) Color : Black

(8) Surface Treatment : Polishing, Lathing

(9) Unit Weight : about 10g

(10) Usage : 3D Printer, Door, Window, Roller Shutter, Furniture Fitting, Cabinet, and Drawer ect.

Package List

(1) Roller Carriage Plastic Printed Part x 3

(2) POM Roller Wheel with 696ZZ Bearing x 9

(3) M3 * 10mm screw x 6

(4) M3 * 25mm screw x 3

(5) M3 nut x 9

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