SainSmart Ramps 1.4 + A4988 + Mega2560 R3 + MK2B + LCD 2004 3D Printer Controller Kit for 3D Printers RepRap

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This is the new SainSmart 3D Printer Starter Kit, developed specially for those
beginners who are interested in 3D printer. You will have a complete set of
Sainsmart’s most common and useful electronic components. If needed, you can
contact us for introductions and their source codes. You may learn about
Sainsmart through using these basic projects.

Sainsmart Mega2560 R3 is an ATmega2560 as core microcontroller development board
itself has 54 groups digital I / O input / output terminal (14 groups do PWM
outputs), 16 sets of simulation than the input side, group 4 UARTs (hardware
serial ports), using the 16 MHz crystal oscillator. With the bootloader,
download the program directly via USB without having to go through other
external writer. Supply part of the optional USB power, or as an external power
using the AC-to-DC adapter and battery. Arduino development IDE interface is
based on open-source principles, allows you to free download for use in project
work, school teaching, motor control, interactive works.

Package List:

1 x RAMPS 1.4
1 x Mega 2560 R3
5 x A4988 driver
1 x 2004 Smart Yellow LCD Controller With Adapter
1 x SD card breakout For ramps
1 x Cooler Fan for 3D ramps
6 x Mechanical Endstop with cable
1 x RAMPS 1.4 wiring cable
1 x Heatbed MK2B
5 x NEMA 17 Stepper Motors
1 x USB Cable

Note: Download the doumentation & codes here: