Rustark 42 Piece 3D Print Tool Kit Includes Debur Tool, Cleaning and Removal Tool with Storage Bag, 3D Printer Tool Set for Cleaning, Finishing and Printing 3D Prints

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Took kit including:
1pc-14 Piece Knife Clean Up Kit:Ideal for Removing any Excess Debris of Printing Crafts. Various Blades Shape, Comfortable Steel Handles, Good Hardness and Toughness, A Safe-lock Storage, Store the Blades Conveniently.
1pc-Removed Scarper: Suitable for removing the prints from printer bed. Made of Strong Steel, Rust Resistance, Wooden Handle, Friendly Design.
1pc-Flat File: Great for abrading your works. Made of High Hardness Steel, Rubber Handle,Ergonomic Design, Durable.
2pcs-Pliers: Good helper for removing, replacing, installing the extuder nozzle. Made of Chrome Vanadium Steel, Smooth Jaws,Ergonomic Design,Comfort to Use.
1pc-Electronic Digital Caliper:Perfect tool for measuring outside and inside diameter, depth of an object or filament. 0-6 inch/150mm Vernier, Large LCD Screen, Stainless Steel Body, Accurate Measurements.
1pc-Cutting Mat: Protect your Workbench and knife. Made of High Density PVC, Durable and Reusable, Smooth Surface,High Precision.
1pcs-NB1100 Deburring Tool:Perfect for deburring aluminum, copper, plastic, PVC, ect. Made of ABS,360 Degree Rotation,Remove Leftover Burrs.
6pcs-BS1010 Deburring Blades: Suitable for deburring the leftover burr for plastic, glass, metal, resin,ect. 40 Degree,32mm in Diameter.
1pc-3 Piece Cleaning Brushes Set: ideal for cleaning brushes to sweep away excess filament from the extruder nozzle or print bed. High Cleaning Efficiency, No Damage Extruder and Print Bed.
1pc-Glue Stick: Excellent Adhesion,Coating the Printer Bed with Ease, Non-Toxic, Safe, Clean, Washable
10pcs-Cleaning Needles: Consist of 5-pcs 0.35mm and 5-pcs 0.4mm Printing Needles. Suitable for cleaning most of 3D Printer nozzles. Made of Stainless Steel, Superior Toughness, Broken Resistance.
1pc-Handy Zipper Bag: Making you store your tools conveniently and carry them easily.
totally 42 piece★【42 Piece Essential Printer Tool Kit】You just need to purchase one convenient toolkit. This 3D Printer Tool Kit contains all kind of essential tools, ideal for removing, cleaning and finishing the printed craft, meeting your all needs in DIY. It is the perfect hand tool for all 3D Printing Professionals, Hobbyists and Makers. The perfect tool is used for manufacture toys, cars, robots, cartoon, and other crafts.