Rustark 34 Piece 3D Printer Accessories Tool Kit Cleaning Needles, Tweezers, Pliers, Scarper, Clean up Knives, Carving Knife Come with Storage Case for Printing Removing, Cleaning, Finishing

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Rustark 3D Printing Accessories Toolkit makes your crafting dream come true!!!
★Product Feature:
√3D Cleaning Needle:
——Made of Stainless Steel, Superior Toughness, Broken Resistance
——Contains 0.35mm and 0.4mm tow different size, meeting your different needs
—— Perfectly tool to Pick up a Small object
——Getting into Tight areas in 3D Printer conveniently
——Contains 2 kinds of tweezers, Straight Tips and Bent Tips Tweezers
√3D Printing Pliers:
——Good Clean-up Helper, Cutting with Ease, Comfort to Grip
——Made of chrome vanadium steel, Sturdy Joint Construction,Smooth jaws, Anti-slip Handle
√Carving knife set:
——1 Comfortable Stainless Steel Handles, 9 pcs Replacement Blades in different shapes, fitting your various needs
——Great for precision cutting and trimming, perfect for Plastic, Cloth, Thin Metal Film, Leather
——Good Hardness and Toughness, Comfort to Grip, Easy to use
——Coated with anti-rust oil on each Blades in order to prevent the blades from rusty
√3D Printing Scarper:
——Made of Stainless Steel, Rust Resistance, Superior Toughness, Plastic Handle
——Perfect Tool for Removing the Printing Crafts from 3D Printer Bed
√ 3D Printer Clean up Knives Kit:
——10 Piece Stainless Steel Knives with Wooden Handle, 10 kinds of different blades Shape
——the whole set of Knives is packaged into a clear plastic box, easy to carry and store
Package Including:
10pcs-Cleaning Needles
3pcs- Tweezers
10pcs-Clean up Knives Kit
10pcs-Carving Knife
totally 34 pcs, the whole set is package into a black handy leather Box.【 34 Piece Great Tool】The 3D printer accessories set contains 34 pieces high-quality tool, including 10pcs-Cleaning Needles, 2-pcs Tweezers, 1pcs-Pliers, 1pcs-Scarper, 10pcs-Clean up Knives Kit,10pcs-Carving Knife totally 34 pcs. High-quality Tool Kit, Reasonable Price.