Rostock MAX v2 DIY 3D Printer Kit – White

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From it’s huge build volume to the amazing community of builders you’ll quickly learn why so many people have chosen the Rostock MAX v2 as their go-to machine. From first time builders to seasoned enthusiasts it has everything you’ll need to get involved in 3D printing. From the lasercut framework to high quality injection molded parts it’s built to last too. • Re-designed hot-end platform and Delta arms and mounts for worry free assembly. No Sanding Required! • Lower parts count means faster assembly time • Top mounted spool holder shortens length between EZStruder and spool, and minimizes machine footprint. • New Base enclosures protects your electronics from dirt/dust, and gives your kit a clean, attractive appearance • New Top design provides more rigidity for better prints, and easier assembly and calibration These improvements are added to the already impressive list of standard components and features: • Over 1300 cubic inches of build volume (11″ Diameter by over 14 3/4″ height) • Made in the USA – high quality, laser cut, injection molded and CNC machined parts manufactured by us • EZ Struder and Hot-End set up for 1.75mm filament • High torque NEMA 17 stepper motors • Standard .5mm nozzle – Easily changeable to other available sizes • ATX power supply for safety and easy upgrades • RAMBo by UltiMachine electronics – the best available 3D printer controller • Tinker-friendly electronics and hardware. Many extra places to add your own mods to both • Borosilicate Glass build plate for safety and precision Here’s what you will need to complete the assembly: Appx. 20hrs. to assemble (time varies based on skill and any mods made during the assembly) Standard Allen wrench set Metric Allen Wrench Set Needle nose and/or small pliers Wire crimping tool or solder and solder iron Standard and Phillips ScrewdriversHeated Bed