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This is the Pen that can do everything you want it to do! This Pen is a must have!

The SUNVEZA Three-dimensional pen is a tool used to create models, household items and much more.

SUNVEZA’s three-dimensional printing pen suits various consumers; From businessmen who need to create models or prototypes of their product, Architectures sketching a 3d model, Housewives creating home decorations, accessories, and even unique jewelry.

Sunveza’s 3D printing pen is so easy to use what makes it perfect for kids

However, unlike the three-dimensional printer, a three-dimensional pen does not require special conditions such as heavy and expensive software and of course we must not forget the printer itself, which today (2016) the most affordable printer will cost a total amount 1,200$

The structure and shape of the pen, look similar to a normal pen.

At the top are two openings: one for power input via AC adapter standard.

The second is used to input ink made of special plastic. This ink called “ABS” which three-dimensional printers use it. There is

Further, it is composed of a body and buttons that control the speed of removing ink and the ink removal direction, intends to remove the ink from the head or from the ink inlet.

Of course, the pen has also a control panel that controls all the activities, but there is also a thin plastic tube, whose mission is to transfer the ink cartridge. In addition, there is a cartridge, designed to heat the ink that comes to it from the tube, and remove it. The average temperature of the molten ABS which is 235°C.

There is also a fan designed to cool the components keeping warm. So as not to burn should take a break every 15 to give the fan and the top of the ink to “rest” from their jobs.

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