Printrbot Simple Pro 2016 Printrbot Simple 3D Printer, White

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The new 2016 Printrbot Simple stands alone in a crowded field of affordable desktop 3D printers. It is beautiful but different. It’s not a box, so you can Watch the action from any angle. It’s clean, straightforward design thoughtfully exposes the self-explanatory Mechanics, while hiding the complicated Bits. It’s small size, portability and metal construction make it a workhorse built for the classroom. Printrbot brings ease of use to a new level with a built-in color touch screen, WiFi and a free, optional, cloud service that simplifies the printing experience. The 32-bit brain that powers this marvel outperforms all others. The smooth, speedy motion is mesmerizing without any of the jerks and wobbles familiar to all other 3D printers. Understated yet powerful, welcoming but sturdy, this machine takes the complicated mysteries of 3D printing and makes it simple.Our full color Capacitive touch screen shows preview pictures, rendered images and crisp controls. Swipe and Scroll through your projects, and Simply tap to print
Increased build dimensions of 8″ x 6″ x 8,″ add up to 384 cubic inches. High resolution mode delivers .05mm Layer height prints
Extruder drive gears flank both sides of your filament to double the bite and ensure a clean, steady feed
Critical operations are now handled and powered by three arm processors. 32 bit processing power is finally here
All metal construction, compact design and travel-ready handle. Precision machined aluminum parts that scream quality