PRINCIPLES OF 3D PRINTING: Read this book before taking any action related to the use of 3D printers.An illuminating guide for you who want to know the … of 3D printing hardware software & service

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3D Printing Hardware, software and services.
“You want to be the protagonist of the 21st-century manufacturing revolution, but terms like 3D modelling, Up Plate, nozzle clogs, filament are still obscure for you?
Read this book before taking any action regarding the use of 3D printers.
In this guide, you will find the principles to start constructively approaching 3D printing and you will understand the principles of the most used technologies and software.
3D printing is revolutionizing the world of the industry because it allows you to build prototypes of any mechanical part model in a very short time thus allowing real-time testing of equipment that only 10 years ago would have required months of preparation.
A complete overview also for those who want to start building their own 3D printer by themselves.
Have fun.
Carl Study