Perfactory® Micro EDU Professional Desktop 3D Printer

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The Perfactory® Micro EDU is the smallest desktop 3D printer in size with the highest resolution. It is a low cost, easy maintenance and user friendly personal desktop 3D manufacturing system, designed for producing high quality models, for use by educators, consumers, and design professionals. Using state-of-the-art Direct Light Projection technology from Texas Instruments® coupled with LED performance, the Perfactory® Micro EDU System allows access to a top quality professional grade prototyping system that can produce highly detailed physical 3D duplications of projects that have been created in a CAD environment or downloaded from design files on the internet. Utilizing a built-in USB connection, the Perfactory® Micro EDU can connect directly to your PC workstation and works just like a personal desktop printer.Build Envelope 4″ x 3″ x 4″ (100 x 75 x 100 mm) XY Resolution 0.0039″ (98 µm) Dynamic Z Resolution** 0.0020″ to 0.004″ (50 µm to 100 µm) Build Speed Up to 0.79″ (20 mm)/hour for full envelope** Light Source LED Data Handling STL Warranty 1 year back to factory including parts and labor.