Pemium Sparkmaker High-Resolution SLA Resin 3D Printer Support SD Card Offline Printing

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We enjoy exploring the fun and creativity of 3D printing, but we know that people are frustrated by the high price of hardware and the complexity of the process. Our goal is to provide affordable device and eliminate the complexity of the device printing object.

Q: How to Print?
A: Import the STL format file into SparkStudio.
Edit->Support->Slice->Export and save the file in WOW format to SD card.
Connect the Power Supply to SparkMaker using the power cable supplied. SparkMaker will make some noise when the power source is connected successfully.
Insert the SD card into the Card Slot in front of the SparkMaker and the 3D printer light will start flashing in green.
Pour the liquid resin into the build platform of the SparkMaker. (A height of 6-7 mm is enough for the printing).
Press the button (the green flashing one) for about two seconds to start, if you start the machine successfully, the button will flash in red.
The machine will start to work and the vertical lift will go up and down. The whole process will last about 6 hours to complete the printing from the SD card.
After the printing is completed, loosen the black button on the top of the building platform and remove the printed objects. The objects can be cleaned using alcohol. (If the resin type is LCD-W, then you can only wash the prints using water).
Wash the model with alcohol of up to 99% purity less than 2 minutes after the printing is finished, after that, use UV-light to illuminate the model about 10 minutes or just put it in the sun for a period of time.

ONE-BUTTON PRINTING: SparkMaker 3D printer features one-button printing, the system is very simple and effective, anyone can start 3D printing in a short time, it is compact, aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly.