OverLord Pro 3D Printer – Classic Blue w/ US Adapter

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OverLord is the first 3D Printer that combines the simplicity of using, the beauty of design and the uncompromising performance as a consumer desktop 3D Printer.

With OverLord, you can bring your ideas to life, create toys, shape your designs, start a business, educate kids, host workshops and unleash unlimited possibilities.

Multi-color printing is no longer a privilege of pricy professional 3D printers. With OverLord, you can create multi-color models in an easy way. No re-rendering the 3D model or code editing needed. You can switch colors anytime during print and make the model as colorful as you wish.

We designed OverLord to be extremely user-friendly, and easy to use. It comes fully assembled and tested, and requires little configuration during first time use. Once you get the printer, just unpack, plug in power and follow the on-screen prompt to setup. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes, and you are ready to go!

To make life easier, we’ve built a special system which provides auto-leveling and auto-calibration. This means every time you start the printer, it sets up automatically.

There are many reasons why we chose to build OverLord upon Delta mechanism, bigger build volume is definitely among the first.

Shipping list

– OverLord Pro x1

– Power adapter 24V x1

– Power adapter cable x1

– SD Card x1

– Glue stick x1

– Dedicated shovel x1

– 1.75mm PLA x1

– 0.4mm Nichrome wire x1

– DreamMaker sticker x1

– Easy user manual x1

– 7.4V 2200mAh Lipo Battery x1

Note: Due to shipping restrictions, in some situations, battery is shipped separately. You have to assemble it by yourself. Caused any inconvenience to you, hope you can understanding!Auto-leveling and auto-calibration