OO-KUMA True FLEX – FLEXIBLE 3D Printer Filament, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05 mm, 100 g Spool, 1.75 mm, Transparent

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Engineered “TrueFLEX” content providing no warping, stable non-tackling flow and perfect inter-layer bonding while achieving “spongy”, truly elastic experience in your prints!

Complete elastomer structure has 85ShoreA hardness which allows you to adjust softness and flexibility by fill patterns and densities ranging from highly elastic durable parts up to solid damping applications.

Suitable for commercially available printers with “direct-drive” extruders. Tested for series of Makerbot, Solidoodle, UP!, Leapfrog.

Hardness : Shore 85A
Diameter :  1.75 mm
Temp : 195-225 degC
Heatbed : 50 degC
RAL Code : Semi-Transparent

 Best printing guideline:
– keep general printing speed around 10-30mm/s (%25 of regular feed-rate is a good start-point; can be increased with respect to machine capability)
– Default PLA configuration of a machine is a good starting point for temperature ranges where increase by steps of 5 degC increments may be necessary to fine tune flow.
– In cases of excessive burrs, recreation should be reduced by a factor of 1/3 of default length or for some machines be turned off. By using “avoid crossing perimeters” option in slicer, burrs and trims will be minimized.

100 g (0.22 LB) Spool, Semi Transparent