Official creality Ender 5 DIY 3D Printer Kit New Upgrade 2019

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Main Features

● The printing is more stable: the double Y-axis motion control system drives the high-quality stable output of the two-side synchronous belt, effectively avoiding the shock caused by printing.
● Built-in motherboard power supply: According to the circuit design, device specifications and heat dissipation, the wires are concentrated in the machine for independent control.
● Design: The body is simple and generous, enhance the creative space of printing.
● Power failure continued: Automatically store the print record after power off, continue printing after power-on, and improve the model print success rate.
● Broken material detection: When the consumables are exhausted, disconnected, or other abnormal conditions occur, the printing will be automatically suspended, and printing will continue after the consumables are accessed.
● Easy leveling method: The large hand-turning nut is ergonomically designed, the leveling speed is fast, and it is free from time-consuming and labor-intensive problems.
● Industrial grade circuit board: After high load safety

Molding technology FDM

Print Dimensions :220*220*300mm
Print speed :≤180mm/s
Normal printing speed :40-80mm/s
Print accuracy :±0.1mm
Layer thickness :p0.1-0.4mm
Nozzle diameter :Standard 0.4mm changeable 0.2, 0.3mm
Nozzle quantity :1
Nozzle temperature :≤260℃
Hot bed temperature :≤135℃
Working modes :Online print or offline print
Power parameters :Input:110/220V 50/60HZ output: DC24V
Machine power :350W
Printing materials :PLA/ABS/ TPU/WOOD/ COPPER/gradient, etc.
Filament diameter :1.75mm
File formats&nbspSTL,Odj,amf
Net Weight&nbsp11.8kg
Gross Weight&nbsp14.2 kg
Machine size&nbsp552-485*510mm
Package size&nbsp610*570*345mmMagnetic and heated print bed: the build plate is able to heat up to 100°C in 5 minutes and the magnetic bed allows the user to easily remove 3D printed models.