NEXTFILA 3D Printer Filament Welder – 1.75mm

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NEXTFILA Manual Welders can get rid of waiting time to change filaments by connecting new filaments to the older ones.
Also can decrease printing failure caused by filaments exhaustion.
Make unique 3D pressworks connecting more than 2 kinds of filaments.
Normally, electric heater, temperature sensor, controller, power equipment are needed to fuse and weld filaments.
NEXTFILA Manual Welders gets rid of these equipments and heat indirectly through heating bar.
All needed for heatup is just a gas lighter that can easily found.
Our welder is being sold as a product to NEXTFILA Filaments dissemination.
PLA (Polylactic acid) 3D Filament material for 3D printers vacuumed sealed