Makex M-one Desktop DLP 3d Printer,15 Micron Resolution, Jewelry casting,dental,functional parts,

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1. EASY SET UP- A DLP 3D printer that just works. No calibration needed. Get setting up and printing in as fast as 15 minutes.

2. QUALITY MATERIALS- High-performance resins for reliable printing with astounding detail.

3. ONE BUTTON OPERATION- Just load your model via USB, hit a button, and get started!

4. Precision engineering for unparalleled detail and a stunning finish.

•Forming Tech: Digital Light Processiond (DLP)
•Light Source: Projector Light Module
• Build Vol.: 145*110*170mm
• Resolution: X, Y 0.14mm, Z 0.02mm
• Min. Layer: 0.02mm
• Material Type: Liquid Resin
• Material Supplier: Third-party Resin Supplier
• Material Working Temperature: 18-35° C 64-95° F
• Material Colors: Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, etc.(According to Specific Material Supplier)
• Controller: Arduino ATmega 2560 R3 Micro Controller
• Mother Board: MakeX Board V1.3
• Stepper Motor (Tilt): 42*42, 0.8 A
• Stepper Motor (Z Dir.): 42*42, 0.8 A
• Stepper Motor (Shutter): 42*42, 0.8 A
• Power Input: 110~220V, 3.1 A
• Power Output: 12V / 220V, 0.8 A
• Rated Power: 30w + 350w(Projector)
• OS: Mac, Win, Linux
• OpenGL 2.1 support 2GB RAM
• File Format: STL, OBJ
• Print Software: MakeX Software
• Dimensions: 370*320*490mm
• Weight: 10KG (22 lbs)

What’s in the Box?

• 1unit M-one desktop 3D Printer
• 1unit Projector( resolution: 1024×768 )
• 1set Finishing kit
Up to 20 micron layer thickness, and 140 micron min. feature size