Lexcent ABS Filament for 3D Printer and 3D Drawing Pens – 1.75mm 50g Sample

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Lexcent 3D printer filament offers great quality at good price. Manufactured its 3D printer filament under tight tolerances, this filament can work with a wide extruder temperature range, which helps to prevent extruder nozzle problems and yields smooth 3D models. Lexcent 3D printer filament is compatible with the MakerBot printers, as well as other 3D printers which use 1.75mm ABS filament.


1. Keep extruding more than 5mins after changing the filaments to avoid remaining.

2. Adjust the space between the build platform and extruder nozzle if the printed model base was curled up.

3. Make sure the printer is working in a sealed environment with a stable warm temperature.

4. Please replace the covering Kapton Tap while the printed model’s base was curled up.

Easy control, low shrinkage helps to keep the printed model in shape.