LCD Display Diy 3d Printer Kit,high Precision Delta 3d Printer Metal Frame 100% Brand New +10m Filaments As Gift From Factory

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Open Source:

The Delta 3D Printer is Reprap type,The driver board source program and the 3D Printer stl file is Open Source. The 3D Printer is helpful for the people to study 3D Printer

Self-repair and replication:

With the stl file of the 3D Printer, you can copy another 3D Printer by youself.


The Delta 3D Printer with Self-leveling is easy to use for the new user

Can upgrade the Heated Bed:

When you print a big item. The printed item will be easy to be alice edge. With the Heated Bed, the alice edge phenomenon will be mitigated. With the Heated Bed,you can also print the ABS

Mechanical parameters:

1.The 3D Printer Size: Wide 30CM ; High 65CM

2.The 3D Printer Weight:8.5KG,

3.Plate size:210MM

4.Print Size: Diameter 180MM ; High 310MM,

5.Print thickness: 0.1-0.4MM

6.Print Material: 1.75MM PLA/ABS

7.Supplies diameter: 1.75MM

8.Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

9.Input voltage: 220v

10.Printing Methods: USB Print or SD card

11.Print speed:50-100mm/S

2015 High Precision Delta 3d Printer