JetSir 3D Sublimation Machine All In One 3d Printer Machine ST-420,Multifunction Vacuum Heat Transfer Machine For T shirt Mugs Phone Case Plates Crystal Rock Press Ect,Matte Black ST-420

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Transfer size: 260*380mm (A3)

Power: 800w+800w(2000W). Voltage: 110V

Control mode: touch screen, automatic control.

Net weight: 26 Kgs. Color: matte black, matte silver


Mug clamp: 3pcs

Power cord : 1pc

Silicone cover: 2pcs

Phone case mould: 2pcs

High Temperature gloves: 1pair

Teaching CD & instruction: 1pc

High Temperature resistant pipe: 1pc

High temperature resistant sealing strip: 3pcs

Function of Combination Key:

Processing capacity setting: Press “+” for two seconds. hear one beep, keep press .Then press “-“, after one beep, you can set, release button, press “+” and “-” to set amount you want

Gross statistics: Press “-” for two seconds, hear one beep, keep press, then press “+”, after hear one beep, you can see the gross statistics from factory default to now

Press long time for 5 seconds to set temperature for heating film and delay tiem for vacuum pump

Multifunctional, all in one 3D sublimation vacuum heat press machine, not only print on phone case and mugs, also used in t-shirt, crystals, glass, acrylic, plastic, metal, stone etc