Ihome520® Full Metal 3D Printer Self-replicating Open Source 3D Maker LCD Screen Support PLA/ABS Filaments

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1. Item number: Z-603
2. Frames: metal plate
3. Build size: 260*170*160mm,
4. Slice thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
5. XY axis turning speed: 3000mm/min Y axis turning speed :200mm/min
6. Print speed:120mm/s
7. Nozzle diameter: standard 0.4mm
8. Temperature: indoor temperature to 250¡ãC
9. Plate terperature: indoor terperature to 110¡ãC adjustable
10. Plate material: bakelite,aluminuium plate
12. XY axis positioning accuracy: 0.012mm
13. Z axis positioning accuracy: 0.004mm
14. Supporting material: ABS ,PLA
15. Material dimater: 1.75 3mm
16. Software language: Chinease/English
17. File formate supported: STL,G-CODE
18. Machine size: 480*365*410mm
19. Weight: 15kg
20. Packing size: 600*475*520mm
21. Packing weight: 18kg
22. voltage: 24v
23. Operating system: XP, WIN7, Mac
24. Environment: 10-30¡ãC
25. Humidity: 20-50%

Package With
1* 3D Printer
1* Installation Tool Suit
1* roll PLA/BABS,1 roll blue tape.
1G SD card(including a few G-code file for testing) 3m trial filament M8*10 wrench/5mm hexagon wrench
1* cutting nippers
1*USB 1*CD 3MM/2.5MM/2MM/1.5MM/1*socket head wrench
1*power line
1*electrical heated tube+2*thermistors+20mm wire electrode+5*(M3*10)screws+10*(M3*16)screws+10*M3 caulking nut.1. Easy to use, low maintenance cost,Product Prototype{Before Factory Make New Moul