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This acrylic frame Geeetech I3 3D printer is based on Reprap pursa I3, Geeetech I3 features simple assembly, easy debugging and more stable performance. The acrylic structure makes the printer much easier to operate.
Printing specifications:
Print technology:Fused Filament Fabrication
Build volume:200 x200x180mm
Layer resolution:0.1-0.3mm
Positioning Precision:0.1-0.3mm
Filament diameter:1.75mm, 3mm
Nozzle diameter:0.3mm, ( 0.35mm, 0.4 mm, 0.5mm own to buy)
Operating system:0.3mm:Windows/Mac/Linux
Control software:Repetier-Host, Printrun File format: .STL
Max extruder temperature:about 240°C
Max heated bed temperature:about 110°C
Input:110 V / 60 Hz, 0.75 A 
Output:DC 12V 24V / 0-15A
Connectivity:USB, SD card (support off-line printing)

Body: Black Acrylic plate of 8 mm thickness .( As you can see ,there has a cover to protect the body)     Build Platform: Borosilicate glass + MK2A heatbed
XYZ Rods: Wear-resistant, stainless steel
Stepper Motors: 24V motor ,5-channel stepper motor driver
Physical structure: Reprap

 1. I3 printers are tested for performance and safety before they leave the factory.
  2. I3 printers cannot guarantee the performance or safety of printers that have been modified by users. 

Package Included:

1x Acrylic I3 3D Printer Full Complete Kit
1 x Tool kit
1 x Instruction manual
DIY Self-assembly, you will learn more during building the 3D printer.Shipe from US, receiving 3-7 days