Iglobalbuy Geeetech 3D Printer Full Complete Kit For Reprap Prusa i3 ,MK3 Heatbed,LCD,MK8 w/ Black Acrylic Frame Main Board Upgrade Assembly By Yourself

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Main improvements and features Further simplified structure means fast assembly and easy adjustment, which saves you both time and energy as well as speeds up the molding of your innovative products and ideas. It usually takes up to 3 days for a DIYer to assemble the previous I3, not to mention the post-adjustment and debugging work. As to this I3 of Acrylic Frame, however, you can save 70% of time. Enhanced stability and reliability. Geeetech I3 adopts 8 mm-thick acyclic plates, also you can choose the piano-black one and the transparent one, and both colors look good. The PSU (power supply unit) is assembled together with the printer; which saves you a lot of space and can avoid unnecessary electrical trouble. All the cables and wires are well arranged to make it more neat and easy to operate. .MK8 extruder ensures smaller layers and higher resolution, make models and objects. Operation Never reach inside your Geeetech I3 printer when it is turned on. Moving parts can cut or pinch you, and several parts reach high temperatures that can cause burns and other injuries. Always allow your Geeetech I3 printer to cool down for at least 5 minutes before you touch any internal part or remove a printed object. Never leave your Geeetech I3 printer unattended while printing or powered on. Always turn off your Geeetech I3 printer and disconnect it from your computer when not in use. Never attempt to print using any materials that have not been approved by Geeetech I3. Keep the nozzle tip at least two inches away from the heated build platform anytime you are not running a print job. Never operate your Geeetech I3 printer if it appears damaged. In case of an emergency or malfunction, immediately disconnect your Geeetech I3 printer from the power outlet and computer. Package Included: 1x Acrylic Geeetech I3 3D Printer Full Complete Kit 1 x PLA/ABS 1 x Tool kit 1 x Instruction manualDIY Self-assembly, you will learn more during building the 3D printer.Shipe from US, receiving 3-7 days