How to build a 3D Printer: DIY project : “EASY CoreXY 3D Printer Model 350”

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The EASY CoreXY M350 is a medium size 3D Printer born from the desire of making something simple to build, where only basic tools are needed but in the same time the expectation of the RepRap Makers are fully met: printing precision, rigid structure, safety, bed leveling, configurability and multi-filament printing.

The ‘corexy’-architecture is a very practically and cost effective solution for cartesian 3d printers and that is the reason why I’ve preferred this concept. The model ‘M350’ earned his name from the fact that all the aluminum profiles from the frame are exactly 350mm long – this simplifies already from beginning a lot of aspects concerning the building of the frame.

The Book is a building manual which describes a strait forward process with easy to follow steps. There are no stories about 3d printing, the focus is set up on printing the necessary components, mechanical construction, electrical harness, wiring diagram and firmware. Everything is described using pictures from 3d and from reality, the text is in simple plain English.

There were used as much as possible standard components for RepRap 3d printers – this gives the complete freedom when it comes on deciding from where to purchase the needed components. The number and dimension of the 3d-printed elements were kept at minimum in order to optimize the time and cost of printing process