HATCHBOX 3D PTR-ALPHA Alpha 3D Printer, Fully Assembled, Heated Build Plate with Glass Bed and Automatic Leveling, Volume 300 mm Diameter x 350 mm Height, Print Resolution 50-400 Micron

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Welcome to Hatchbox 3D Printer Clean and elegant, Hatchbox’s Alpha is fully assembled and easy to calibrate for beginning designers to expert engineers. While many consumers may be familiar with the Cartesian 3D printers, which are named after the coordinate system where movement is always linear left to right, front to back, and up and down, the limitation of Cartesian printers is its inability to change direction instantaneously. Hatchbox Alpha printers expand on this square 3D space by featuring a circular print bed that is designed for speed and precise prints. The elongated design allows for you to build much taller prints that otherwise would have been built in parts by a Cartesian printer. The overall minimalistic construction makes 3D printing easier, and with less complication to reduce maintenance and cost. Technical Specification: Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, MAC OS Compatible Material: ABS, PLA, Performance PLA, Wood, TPU, PET, PETG, HIPS, PVA, TPE, and Specialty Filaments with a extrusion temperature under 270° C Readable File Type: GCODE Print Speed: 20-150 MM/S Travel Speed: 300 MM/S Filament Diameter: 1.75 MM Nozzle Diameter: 0.40 MM Extrusion Temperature: Up to 270° C Heated Build Plate Temperature: Up to 110° C USB Compatible: Yes SD Card Compatible: Yes Build Platform: Glass Automatic Leveling: Yes Heated Build Plate: Yes Hatchbox Filament Rack Included: Yes 3D Printer Assembled: Yes Hatchbox Filament Rack Assembled: No Software: Any open source with file output .GCODE Instructional Manual Included: Yes Additional Accessories and Replacement Included: Yes.Shipped fully assembled