HATCHBOX 1.75mm 3D Printing Pen with LCD Screen for ABS and PLA Filaments

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Welcome to Hatchbox 3D Printing Pen

Our 3D printing technology is here to help you stream your creative outlet, enabling you to see your thoughts and concepts engineered into a real and rewarding reality.

Looking to dip your feet into the vast sea of 3D printing but don’t know where to set sail? Don’t be limited by the flat surface of traditional paper or hindered by expensive technology and software. If you can hold a pencil, you can hold a 3D printing pen. Hatchbox’s 3D printing pen offers you the freedom to draw in physical real-time whatever your mind can conjure. Our 3D printing pen is affordable and easy to set up. Perfect for artists and technical people alike, for hobbyists, professionals, and students, regardless of age. Open up new doors for your creativity, and watch your imagination take on solid form with Hatchbox!

Product Dimension

Overall (inch): 7.75 x 1.25 x 2.75

Package Includes

1x 3D printing pen
1x 5 Feet power adapter
1x 1.75 mm sample filament package, which will vary in color and material type; PLA or ABS
1x Instructional manual

0.4 mm extrusion nozzle diameter