FYSETC 3D Printer Controller Mainboard Upgrade Parts, Clone Duet3D 1.75mm Filament Monitor Sensor, Detect Stuck Filament Laser Version Filament for Duet 2 WiFi Motherboard

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Package includes:
1 x Duet3D Laser Filament Monitor ( not include enclosure and M3 mounting)
2x (M3x25) screw
2 x M3 net
1 x 1M 4mm OD x 1.9mm ID PTFE tubing

Component Quantity Notes
M3x25 screw: 2 set, The screw length depends on the housing design, also longer screws if you wish to secure the filament monitor to something else
M3 nut:2pcs, Use Nyloc nuts or thread lock for security
4mm OD x 1.9mm ID PTFE tubing: 1 Meter( you can cut into piece). One length is for the filament inlet and need only be a few cm long, but can be longer if you need to guide the filament from the spool. The other is for the filament outlet and must be long enough to reach the extruder drive, but short enough for the filament monitor to sense retraction accurately.

Note on filament compatibility:
1. Different filament materials and colours are detected with varying degrees of accuracy by the laser sensor. For most filament types this can be handled through setting an appropriate trigger value for the sensor.
2.The sensor is accurate enough in most tested filaments to allow the print to be paused for filament run-out, jam or tangle, those filament types the sensor is less sensitive to may have 1-2mm of error in movement detection.
3. Depending on where in the print the extruder jam or filament strip occurs will determine how much of an impact 1-2mm of unfed filament will have on the print.
The sensor is proving to be inaccurate with certain PETG filament, especially from ESUN (Black tested so far) and is not recommended for this.
4. The monitor PCB comes with two Molex KK-style 3 way plugs and pins, along with ~60mm of Capricorn XS Ultra Low Friction PTFE tubing to act as the filament guide.
Excellent Spare Accessories for DIY Printer: Duet3D Laser Filament Monitor, is available for 1.75mm diameter filament, include PLA ABS PETG Wood TPU and most filament.