Future Make Polyes Q1 World’s First 3D Printing Pen with Cool Ink, No Hot Parts, No Wires, Inbuilt Battery, Easy to Use, Safe for Children, Building, Crafting, Prototyping, Skills Development (White)

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Future Make Polyes Q1, is the world’s first resin light curing 3D Pen. What does it mean? It means Polyes Q1 has all the capabilities of 3D printing pens without the pitfalls. It is the safest and environmentally friendly 3D printing pen. Our 3D pen uses cool ink, has a child safety lock and inbuilt battery so no hot parts, no melting plastic odors and no wires. From the totally safe and cool nozzle to sleek, optimally-proportioned body, the pen is as easy to use as it is very versatile.

What makes our 3D Printing Pen unique?

Polyes Q1 is 3D Pen that uses cool ink which means there is no hot parts so it’s safe for children.

Pen has rechargeable inbuilt battery and its charged via USB which means no plugs, no hot wires. You can bring it and draw anywhere you like! Battery lasts a very long time!

3D Printing Pen has a smart child safety feature that turns off the light when you point it up so it protects your eyes (can turn it off if needed)

3D Pen can use few types of ink which makes your creations even more amazing! It’s very easy to interchange ink as they come in removable ink cartridges:

  • Temperature color changing ink eg. red when it’s cold and turns white when it’s hot
  • Glow in the dark ink
  • Aromatic ink
  • The material is very strong and naturally extracted from plants so it’s safe to touch.

    From now on you don’t have to worry about the high temperatures and unpleasant odors as Polyes Q1 uses cool ink and avoiding all dangers. Flexibility and ease of use, portability and USB charge ensures convenience without the hassle and potential dangers of cord.

    If that was not enough you can use glow in the dark, aromatic, transparent, and temperature color changing ink that works with the Polyes Q1.

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    COOL INK, NO HOT PARTS – The world’s first resin light curing 3D Printing Pen. Instead of PLA/ABS filaments, Polyes Q1 uses cool ink, thus avoiding danger high temperatures and unpleasant melting plastic odors