FDM 3D printer, printing size 200*200*180mm, ABS and PLAfilament applicable -10 Pieces

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This 3D printer is for a self assembled kit, that includes everything you need, It is the easy choice to ‘get your feet wet’. All corners of the internet recommend a self built printer as your first printer so you learn the ins and outs, the ups and downs of 3D printing before making a big purchase. Professional quality prints are a reality, equivalent to much more expensive machines at competitive speeds with the ability to expand the build area at at any time. Each kit includes a very reliable and forgiving extruder, that makes it easy to get great quality prints with minimal effort. This DIY 3D printer is optimized with PLA & ABS material. This is a Do-It-Yourself, Self-Assembly kit that generally takes 2-8 hours to assemble based on end user skill level with a teach video.This DIY 3D printer is specially designed for DIY usage, with low price, nice performance and high precision printing objects.