Excelvan PVA Dissolvable White 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm 0.5kg/1.1lbs – Tolerances: +/-0.03mm.

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Note: The filament must be kept sealed after using. Diameter Tolerances
Cheap filament usually extruded at lighter tolerances and with materials of questionable origin. For 1.75mm and 3mm filament, the outer diameter should not exceed +/- 0.1mm, for example,+/-0.05mm is OK. Anything over these tolerances could jam the extruder of the nozzle’s inner chamber, which is machined to exacting tolerances. Additionally, the use of out of tolerance filament will cause over or under extrusion, which is the major cause of blobbing and voids in the finished print. This is because the slicing software used to prepare for printing calculates exactly how fast to extrude based on a constant filament size. Our filament quality is very good with tolerances: +/-0.03mm.

Air Bubbles
Moisture laden PVA will tend to bubble and spurt from the tip of the nozzle when printing; reducing the visual quality of the part, part accuracy, strength and introducing the risk of a stripping or clogging in the nozzle.Our PVA filaments DO NOT have air bubbles. PVA is a water-soluble synthetic polymer 3D printer filament.
PVA is degradable and dissolves quickly in water. It is the perfect filament to use as support material for complex ABS or PLA structures using FDM or FFF desktop 3D printing. When a PLA product is printed out, it can be throwed into water so that the PVA supporting material will dissolve off automatically, there¡¯s no need to strip the filament manually and the surface of the printed product would not be affected.

Package includes:
1. 1x 1.1lbs 1.75mm PVA 3D printer filament with spool
2. 1x leather box
Specification: Diameter: 1.75 mm ; Tolerance: +/-0.03mm ; Color: White ; Print temperature: 190 – 210¡æ ; Print speed: 30-60mm/s ; Baseplate temperature: 80-120¡æ ; Bubble: No bubble 100 percent ; Net weight: 0.5kg/spool ; Gross weight: 0.85kg/spool ; Length: 170M