ENOMAKER PLA (ST-PLA) 3D Printer Filament 1.75MM 1kg(2.2LBS) Spool Improved by New Formula for Creality CR-10 V2 Ender 3 / pro, Grey

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ST-PLA is improved PLA filament by new formula and special machine, toughness is several times tougher than most PLA on the market.It can solve the PLA brittle problem! Widely Compatible with Creality, Makerbot, FlashForge, Ultimaker, XYZprinting, Alunar, Monoprice and other FDM 3d printer!

Name: 1.75mm ST-PLA 3D Printer filament
Color: grey
Net Weight: 1kg/roll
Recommend Printing Temperature: 195~220°C
Heat Bed Temperature: 45~55°C
Recommend printing speed: 30-80mm/s
Diameter & Tolearance: 1.75±0.03mm

Advantages for ST-PLA 3d filament
1.New Formula,with exlusive formula,the bonding between layer and layer is rather good.
2.Cold Resistance, under -10℃, the toughness is still perform good!
3.Moisture Resistance, no longer need to worry that the filament would become brittle when it stay in your printer overnight, it stays in air for 6 months still have good toughness, but keep it away from dust.
4.Impact Resistance is increased about 3 times,make your prints not easy to break.
5.Toughness is increased by several times than normal PLA.Better than PLA+.
6.Safty: Little to odour, non-toxic, Eco-friendly, can be fully degration.

Tips: When finished printing, for the left of filament, be sure to insert end of filament into holes to avoid being tangled for next time!
【New Formula ST-PLA】 Specail formula PLA With High Purity, High Strength With Better Toughness, Easy to use and no bubble etc.
【Super Good Performance】 Cold Resistance& Moisture Resistance;Under -10℃ Still remain certain toughness and After unealed, Can Store at least 6-10 Months Without Change the Quality.
【ST-PLA is an Improved version For PLA+】 Give you A Super Good Printing Experiecen in your 3D Create Worlds.
【High Compatibility】 Perfect Compatible with Creality CR-10 And Ender 3 Series and The Most 3D Printers and 3D Pens That Use 1.75MM Filament.
【100% Environmental Friendly】 PLA filament 100% Biodegradable, ultimately generates carbon dioxide and water without polluting the environment. Comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) directive and are free from potentially hazardous substances.