Ender 5 Direct Drive Extruder Conversion Kit, Fits Creality Ender-5 3D Printers, Complete Kit Requires No Firmware or Wiring Modification

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The new MDD v1.2 is the easiest direct drive conversion available for your Creality Ender-5 3D printer. Fully installed with the factory creality hot end and extruder, it’s lighter than most direct drives, and takes just 20-30 minutes to install– with no firmware changes, no volume loss, and no cutting or splicing required. While compatible with many hot end and extruders, the MDD was engineered to turn your stock components into a powerful direct drive system with no additional hardware needed, making it the simplest direct drive system for your Creality 3D printer. No firmware changes are needed when using stock extruder and hot end, though we recommend starting with a new slicer profile with a retraction of 1.0mm and ooze control (coast, wipe, etc.) turned OFF. Highlights Increase print quality, simplify retractions and fix extrusion. Lightweight and rigid mount lets you to print fast. Print high temp and flexibles – up to 260ºC+ on the stock hot end. Simplify filament changes. No firmware flashing. No cutting / splicing wires. Works with stock extruder and hot end. Fits many printable mods. Simple 20 min. install (instructions provided). Tech Specs CNC machined 6063 aluminum. Injection molded fittings. Weighs ~478g installed (w/ hot end, extruder, motor, fan shroud, wiring, all fittings, hardware). Wire harness extension included. USA-made PTFE rated for 260ºC+. Need help? Email support@printermods.com.Please confirm fitment before ordering! Ender-5 kit does NOT fit Ender-3 or CR-10!
A direct drive extruder improves extrusion and retraction by removing the need for the Bowden (PTFE) tube.
Installs in 20-30 minutes with NO firmware changes, no cutting or splicing wires.
The PrinterMods MDD is lighter and less expensive than other direct drive systems, while offering the same or better performance.
No X,Y, or Z axis build volume lost. Compatible with your stock Ender-5 hot end and extruder, as well as many others.