EcubMaker FDM Desktop 3D Printer with Dual Nozzle

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EcubMaker 3D printer, solid printers for the price. Easy to setup and use.


–2x spool holders

–2x spool filamnet (N.W.:1 kilogram per spool, material and color randomly selected)

–Blade in accessories bag.

–Power supply cable, USB cable, end stop switch cable.

–1x4GB SD card (contains software, test sample files and operation manual)

Software: Cura, Repetier-Host, Slic3r


–Compatibility:Windows, Max OSX and Linux

–Print from SD card or over USB

–Input file type:STL, Gcode.


–Build size:230x150x150mm

–Build volume:About 5 liters

–Layer thickness:0.1-0.3 mm (adjustable)

-weight: NW 10kg, GW 16kg

–Nozzle diameter:0.4mm


Works well with 1.75mm ABS, PLA


-Color: various color available

-weight: 1kg/roll

Dual extruders allowing it to print two colors or multiple materials at the same time.