Creality 3D Ender 3 Printing Tent Enclosure for High Temperature Printing Fire Resistant and Noise Reducing

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This is a Creality made tent designed to fit the Ender 3 inside. Keeping the printer inside the tent will help maintain more stable temperatures and Create a sound proof and dust proof area to let your printer work safely. It can also help prevent pets from interfering with the printer while it is running.
Printing Tent Enclosure Size: 44cmX56cmx68cm
Total Footprint of: ~49cmx61cmx73cm
For Use With: Ender 3/Pro /Ender 5/ProThis is an official Creality manufactured tent designed for use with the Ender 3 printer. There are zippers on the front and top of the box which close the tent completely allowing for much more stable temperatures once the printer is operating and this can lead to better results with high temperature filaments and helps with bed adhesion at high temperatures as well.
ABS is a filament that is printed at a higher temperature than PLA and the hotbed is often raised to as high as 100*C or more. It is difficult for the printer to keep these temperatures even across the whole bed, so this tent inclosure helps to trap heat inside the tent and stop the printer from loosing heat to drafts or wind in the house.
Prevent your nosey pets from interfering with prints by using this enclosure. Cats and dogs innatecuriosity do not mix well with 3d printing and this tent can save a lot of time by preventing your pets or animals from causing the print to fail.
Using an enclosure like this tent will also cut down drastically on the odors and smells that come from heating up some filaments. When ABS is heating to its melting point, the smell can be offputting to some. This tent will trap all smells inside the tent and prevent your work space from the overbearing smell of printed plastic.
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