Could 3D printers be used for reconstruction of societal functions?: A study from a construction management perspective

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This book aims to identify the benefits and drawbacks of using desktop 3D printers and big 3D printers in disaster areas. 3D printers are what some call the third industrial revolution. Most people will soon (if not already) come into contact with a 3D printer either in personal life or at work. The 3D printer is a tool which can create useful instruments and prototypes. Knowing how to use this tool and what the tool can do is going to be essential for the successful implementation of a 3D printer. This paper looks at the basic principles of a 3D printer to find circumstances when it is advantageous or disadvantageous to use a 3D printer. Because of the amazing speed at which the 3D printer is evolving, we believe that it would be redundant to study any single 3D printer because that particular 3D printer would become outdated within a year’s time. Göteborg June 2015 Roni Ivgi and Erica KjellmanCould 3D Printers Be Used for Reconstruction of Societal Functions