C.W.USJ 3D Printer Accessories Universal Regulated Switching Power Supply for Radio Computer Project LED Strip Lights 3D Printer 24V 20A 500W

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C.W.USJ products are favored by consumers because of “high quality and low price”. They are exported to the United States, Canada, Mexico and some surrounding European
Product Features:
Auto on/off cooling fan
High efficiency
Low temperature
LED indicator for power on
Over Load and Short Circuit Protection
Over Voltage Protection

Output :
DC Voltage: 24V
Rated Current: 20A
Current Range: 0-20A
Rated Power: 500W
Ripple & Noise (maximun): 150mV
Voltage Adjustable Range: 22.8 – 25.2V
Voltage Tolerance: +/- 2.0%
Line Regulation: +/- 0.5%
Load Regulation: +/- 0.5%
Setup, Rise, Hold Up Time: 200ms, 100ms, 50ms, at full load

Input :
Voltage Range: 100-240V AC
Frequency Range: 50-60HZ
Efficiency: 85%
Inrush Current: 13A/115V 25A/230V
Leakage Current: <;1mA/240VAC
Protection :
Overload: 105-135% hiccup mode ,auto-recovery
Over voltage: 115-135% cut off the output ,auto-recovery

Environment :
Working Temp. : -20℃~60℃
Working Humidity : 20%-90% RH

Please Note :
This product is suitable for indoor use, non-detachable power shell.
External power supply round hole mesh heat vents, in the range of 20 inch within the outlet Do not place other flammable items.
Within 2 inch the product range not place other items, to ensure that the powersupply has good thermal environment, to ensure safety.
Please accurately calculate the load power, do not overload. When thepower is working, do not touch the case.
Do not short-circuit output if no output, please use off one minute re-energized.
Before electricity use, carefully verify the power link is correct, rigorous power lines reversed.
Professional installation of qualified electrician is highly recommended.
Quality Guarantee: it is 100% brand new. We strictly control each production steps to guarantee that the product is delivered to you without any d♥Simple design, fast installation. Easy to use and apply.
☆DC 24V 20A POWER SUPPLY – Input: AC 100~240 V Switchable; Output: DC +24V (Adjustable±10%)20A ;Maximum Power:500Watts.
☆High-QUALITY RAW MATERRIALS – Pure Copper Inductors, High-performance Transformers, Dual-capacity Electrolytic Capacitors is The Guarantee of High-quality Power Supply;
☆MULTIPLE PROTECTION – With Over-voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Overheating Protection and Prevent Short Circuit;
☆TESTING & CERTIFICATION – This Power Supply is Finished After 48 Hours Burn-in and Passed The CE and FCC Certification;