C.W.USJ 3D Printer Accessories Max Hotbed 24V Round 380MM Ultrabase Platform Heated Build Surface Glass Plate for Predator 3D DIY Printer Parts

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C.W.USJ products are favored by consumers because of “high quality and low price”. They are exported to the United States, Canada, Mexico and some surrounding European
Product description
* Please properly level the bed before printing;
* Never let the nozzle rub against the Ultrabase directly;
* Clean the Ultrabase by 60% alcohol with water(or cleanser+water).

Heat bed Specification:
Material: Aluminum base
Input Voltage:24V
Temp Sensor:100K 1% B=3950
Work Temp:100℃ Max

Temperature settings for different filaments:
The following parameter values are for reference only.
1. PLA:50-70℃
2. Flexible filament: 50-70℃
3. ABS:100-125℃ ( 110℃ is recommended )
4. PC:100-130℃ ( 120℃ is recommended )
5. Nelon:90-120℃ ( 110℃ is recommended )
6. PP:100-130℃ ( 120℃ is recommended )
7. PETG: 50-70℃

Ultrabase Specification:
Material : Special Glass + microporous coatings + Heatbed
Item size : φ380*4mm, flatness ≤0.3
Quality Guarantee: it is 100% brand new. We strictly control each production steps to guarantee that the product is delivered to you without any defect for your satisfaction is our driving force.

Before you give us neutral or negative feedback, we kindly ask you to contact us immediately so that we can solve your problem satisfactorily.♥Simple design, fast installation. Easy to use and apply.
【Excellent Adhesion】 Ultrabase covered by microporous coating, shows strong adhesion in printing. It has a nice texture on surface that helps with bed adhesion. As the hotbed heats to higher temperatures, it provides even more adhesion
【Ultrabase integrated with heated bed】 Super Flatness, fast and uniform heating. It’s a nice upgrade to the original aluminum base of the print surface. It level things out if there is any minor warping going on there
【Durable】 The special coating is inorganic and has a hardness of 8 Mohs, and it is capable to work at 400℃
【Easy to Clean and Remove 】 ①Ultrabase is easy to clean by 60% alcohol with water(or cleanser+water) ②Once the hotbed cools back to room temperature, the glass bed will release the model which can be easily removed by hand. Large models can be easily removed using tools such as a blade. No more scrathch or stab yourself with a scraper again