Alunar® 3D Desktop Printer, Prusa i2 Kit DIY High Accuracy Self-Assemble Printer Prusa Mendel

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Frame Material:Acrylic + Lead Screw
SD-Card Slot:Yes
USB Slot:Yes
LCD Monitor Screen:Yes
XY Axis Positioning Accuracy:0.012MM
Z Axis Positioning Accuracy:0.004MM
Extruder Quantity:1
Print Color:Single Color
Extruder Size:0.4MM (Could be changed to: 0.5/0.3/0.2MM)
Print Precision:0.1-0.4MM
Layer Resolution:0.1MM
Printing Speed:100MM/S
Maximum Print Size:210*210*240MM
Nozzle Temperature:Recommended: 210℃,Maximum 250 ℃
Ambient Temperature:Recommended: ≥ 25 ℃
Heating Plate Temperature:50-110 ℃ (Adjustable,this temperature may could NOT reach 110 ℃ in a open area)
Heating Plate Material:Aluminum
Filament Materials:Recommend PLA,If you use in a open area,and hot bed could not rise enough,ABS material maybe doesn’t work
Filament Dia.:1.75MM
Data Format:G-Code
Data Input:SD Card or USB Cable
Compatible Computer OS:XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10, Linux, MAC
3D Printing Software for computer:Repetier-Host
Power Input:AC 110V/220V
Power Supply Output:DC 12V/20A
3D Prinnter Dimensions:390*470*390MM
Packing Size:450*440*210MM
Net Weight of 3D Printer:9KGS
Packing Way:Knocked down and packed in a box.
DIY 3d printer with hot bed,detail instruction,customers support,3 month free replacement guarantee.